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Labs and Instrumentation


William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation

Beginning in 2022, the Cal Poly Poly Metabolomics Service Center will be have its own dedicated laboratory in the William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation. This $125 million interdisciplinary research building is 102,000 square feet with four levels and 13 labs. The Primary Metabolomics, Biogenic Amines, Cell Membrane Lipids, Bile Acid, Ceramide, and Carotenoid assays will be analyzed here.


1 - Waters Acquity UPLC  H-class

1 - Waters Acquity UPLC  I-class

1 - Sciex API QTRAP 4000 mass spectrometer

1 - Waters Acquity PDA detector

1 - Waters Acquity Flourescence detector

1 - Bio-Tek uQuant Universal Microplate Spectrophotometer


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