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Primary Metabolomics

Semi-targeted method identifying up to 208 metabolites using UPLC-QTRAP MS/MS with specific MRMs. Metabolites captured include several TCA cycle and glycolysis intermediates, ketone bodies, carbohydrates, carbohydrate derivatives, bile acids, and purines/pyrimidines and their nucleotides. Although some of these same metabolites may also be detected in our Biogenic Amines assay, this method detects the compounds described above with greater sensitivity (at lower concentrations). All metabolites have been verified and optimized using pure standards.


A total of 10 surrogate internal standards (stable isotope and deuterated) and an injection internal standard are utilized, as well as UTAK plasma for intra- and inter-batch variability assessment, in addition to replicate analysis of study samples. 

Metabolite list is included below: 

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